Looking at New Cancer Treatments Available

Scientist at work in a laboratoryOne of the greatest advancements in medicine has been the amazing leaps and bounds being made in the early identification and treatment for a wide range of cancers.

Cancer is one of the great medical scourges of the modern age, and there are many new treatments being tested hoping to step away from the old style of “poisoning” the cancer with treatments that also hurt healthy cells and the healthy parts of your body that remain fighting the disease.

Surgery and chemo are the current common treatments for cancer, but a wide variety of studies are coming out looking at alternative methods of treatment. Everything from the power of micronutrients, antioxidants, and a proper diet to the hope of non-radiation based treatments, there’s movement on every front to find better and more effective treatments for cancer.

One of the new cancer treatments that is gaining a lot of traction is combining cancer fighting drugs that can work in conjunction with one another. Some studies have shown that instead of having two drugs that directly fight the tumor or two drugs that help boost the immune system, sometimes using a combination of one that does one thing and one that does another creates better results for both.

Finding these new combinations of drugs is an extremely encouraging step in cancer treatment that could lead to higher survival rates and a better quality of life.

Other remedies of note include molecular targeted therapy. This uses drugs, but those drugs instead of attacking similar healthy and cancer cells alike, are specifically designed to only seek out certain “flags” that cancer cells put up, but healthy cells do not. This limits the repercussion and side effects that come from cancer drugs. This keeps the body healthier, allowing it to fight cancer more effectively.

Cannabis oil is another potential treatment that is gaining steam as the large number of states approving medical marijuana and the movement towards general legalization allows for more lab testing. While the tests are far from conclusive and many more studies need to be done, there are many early studies that seem to indicate that cannabis oil in many cases has stunted the growth of many types of cancer cells, and even helped the body reverse the trend.

Cutting edge treatments involving “holistic methods” are also very popular. The right combination of antioxidant foods or micro-nutrient foods can help pump the body’s immune system, make it harder for new cancer to grow, and even help prevent the growth of cancer that’s already there.

While this will not nearly be enough by itself the far majority of the time, focusing on avoiding foods that encourage cancer or have been shown to put free radicals in the system, and eating a heavy anti-cancer diet will help make your immune system stronger and every cancer treatment that much more effective. All these fields show promise in developing new cancer treatments that are easier on the afflicted while becoming even more effective than what we have now.